Our History

Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy was founded as Mt. Clemens Montessori School in 1970 and was one of the first Montessori schools in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. As a pioneer in the Montessori philosophy and educational system and the only school of its kind in Macomb County, it has been instrumental over the years in developing other Montessori centers in Macomb County, St. Clair County and Wayne County. It has facilitated and initiated training of their staff, housing courses, hosting guest speakers of interest to both parents and teachers from area schools, and assuming a leadership position among Montessori schools in the area. During the summer of 2003, Mt. Clemens Montessori School became Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy to coincide with its becoming a Michigan charter school.

Mt. Clemens Montessori was originally located in the basement of the Presbyterian Church on Cass Avenue in downtown Mt. Clemens, but we have certainly grown from our humble beginning of one classroom with less than thirty children and three staff members. The Academy now operates in a school building of fifteen large classrooms; music room; full-size gymnasium-lunchroom; a playground; over three hundred fifty students and a staff of over forty. Over the years, we have experienced changes in location and size, however, the founding director, Constantine P'sachoulias, has been constant from our inception and the pivotal force behind the Academy's success.

Mr. Constantine P'sachoulias, director and founder of the Mt. Clemens Montessori, received his under-graduate and graduate degrees from Wayne State University. During his graduate work, and to three years following his graduate degree, he taught college level courses at Wayne State University and Detroit Institute of Technology. He was exposed to the Montessori philosophy at this time and realizing its value and potential, he embarked upon the development of Dr. Maria Montessori and for the past several years has been a member on the Board of Trustees of the Michigan Montessori Teacher Training; a non-profit organization. Constantine P'sachoulias has upheld the reputation and high standards of education and excellence at Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy and has worked tirelessly to insure the continued success of Montessori throughout the state of Michigan.